The best 6 most popular ways to promote your business

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  • 1. Media relations
  • 2. Socialist media
  • 3. Digital advertising
  • advertising
  • 5.Direct mail
  • 6.Seo

From Facebook adverts and newsletters to traditional print and PR, there are so many ways to promote your small business. But how do you know which is best?

1. Media relations

Also known as PR, media relations is simply getting articles about you and your business in publications and their online websites.

Perhaps you’ve won a new contract, launched a new product or service, appointed new people or achieved record results.  It might be that something quirky has happened within your business or you’ve reached a milestone, such as an anniversary, or you’ve sold a significant number of items.

Another way to get coverage is by giving advice or having strong views about a subject and being prepared to openly state them.

What are the benefits of PR?